Tzur Management adheres to the highest international standards in administration utilizing end-to-end software systems that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ prime brokers and enable detailed reporting to investors and portfolio managers.  In today’s investing environment, institutions are being held to ever higher standards of transparency; Tzur Management’s best practices provide clients with the comfort and knowledge that assets under our administration are properly accounted for.
In addition to ongoing fund administration services we provide to our various clients, we also offer several added value services as well, including:
Pre-launch Advisory – This includes assistance on fund structuring and domicile, Israeli tax rulings and review of fund formation documents.  Tzur also helps with the development of internal controls and operational setup as well as introductions to service providers such as prime brokers, auditors, tax advisors and insurance providers.
Cash Management and Trustee Services – Tzur will assume responsibility for management of a fund’s cash account and periodic expense payments.  This service is often required to satisfy institutional investor demands or tax authority requirements to provide an independent signatory over the fund’s assets.
Marketing and Business Development Services – Tzur provides clients with assistance in creating and updating pitch books, monthly fact sheets and due diligence questionnaires.  Tzur’s clients also benefit from its relationships with international banks and brokers, service providers, industry associations, leading hedge funds and investors.