Hedge Fund Services

Fund Accounting Services
  • Maintaining financial and accounting books and records
  • Import security transactions and maintain security master data
  • Reconcile cash and positions between broker record and administrator positions
  • Electronic prime broker and custodian interface
  • Trade date flash positions with P&L using manager pricing and break reporting
  • Independent pricing and valuation of listed and OTC positions using recognized sources
  • Monitor the Fund's pricing policy
  • Daily trade affirmation/confirmation
  • Flexible and customized portfolio reporting at the summary and detail level
  • Daily NAV estimates
  • Multi-currency accounting with reporting in both local and fund currencies
  • Provide full accounting for all derivative transactions
  • Identify and record mandatory corporate actions
  • Equalization calculations
  • Investment restriction compliance monitoring
Monthly Reporting
  • Calculate and record all fee and expense accruals
  • Create a monthly trial balance, holdings report, and P&L report
  • Accurate and timely provision of each shareholder class’ NAV, rate of return and financial statements
  • Provide a monthly management reporting package which can be sorted using predefined reporting criteria including strategy, security type, industry, geographic location, etc.
  • Prepare year-end audit package to help facilitate the year-end audit
  • Prepare first draft of financial statements using a template provided by auditor
  • Assist auditor in their assessment of the control environment
Investor Services
  • Accept investor subscription and redemption documents
  • Perform KYC/AML procedures in accordance with local AML laws and regulations
  • Establish and maintain cash escrow accounts to manage investor contributions and redemptions
  • Maintain the share and partnership register
  • Compliance with tax rulings
  • Prepare and distribute monthly account statement in accordance with the Fund's documents for each investor
  • Distribute investment manager correspondence
  • Provide web reporting to investors